The staff at the center have determined a need to add an after-care unit to address some of the current issues that face clients who are dealing with addictions. To get additional funding, the board has asked you to research and develop a plan to present to them to propose the need for the after-care unit. You will need to cover the following in a report of 1–2 pages:

Decide which current issue needs to be addressed, then determine which population(s) need to be served (adult males, adult females, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, dual diagnosed, MR/DD, alcoholics, drug addicts by type, etc.).

What will the requirements be for entrance into the new unit?

Are there any guidelines that the participants will need to follow to remain in the program?

What services will you offer them? What types of counseling (i.e., group/individual, etc.)?

How long will the program last?

How will this serve the clients’ need for continuity of care?

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