Writing Assignment 2: Qualitative Study Critique

Refer to page 290 of your textbook: Box 16.2 “Guidelines for Critiquing Qualitative Analyses”

There are 7 sections.  Use a heading for each section.

Answer all questions in each section.  Do not write the question but address the topic in your sentences.

Your paper should be written in APA 7th ed. style.

Write in complete sentences and support your thoughts with resources.

Use appropriate flow of words, grammar and punctuation.

A cover page and reference list are required.

Here is the Box 16.2, page 290


Box 16.2 Guidelines for Critiquing Qualitative Analyses

  2. Was the data analysis approach appropriate for the research design or tradition?
  4. Was the category scheme described? If so, does the scheme appear logical and complete?
  6. Did the report adequately describe the process by which the actual analysis was performed? Did the report indicate whose approach to data analysis was used (e.g., Glaserian, Straussian, or constructivist in grounded theory studies)?
  8. What major themes or processes emerged? Were relevant excerpts from the data provided, and do the themes or categories appear to capture the meaning of the narratives—that is, does it appear that the researcher adequately interpreted the data and conceptualized the themes? Is the analysis parsimonious—could two or more themes be collapsed into a broader and perhaps more useful conceptualization?
  10. Was a conceptual map, model, or diagram effectively displayed to communicate important processes?
  12. Was the context of the phenomenon adequately described? Did the report give you a clear picture of the social or emotional world of study participants?
  14. Did the analysis yield a meaningful and insightful picture of the phenomenon under study? Is the resulting theory or description trivial or obvious?


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