Task description
Explore the scholarly literature, published between 2011- 2017 inclusive, to critically analyse the impact of ageism in healthcare. Your critical analysis must include the impact of a registered nurse’s ageist behaviour on the older patient, the impact on the nursing care of the older patient and the impact on colleagues in the health care team.

In this task you are required to do the following:
1) Define ageism and contextualise it to the health care of an older person.
2) Discuss theories and principles that are relevant to ageism, nursing care and the health care environment.
3) Critically analyse the impact of a registered nurse’s ageist behaviour on
• an older patient in their care
• the safety and quality of the nursing care of an older patient in their care
• colleagues from the health care team
4) Identify, explain and justify two strategies that are effective in addressing ageism in the health care environment.
5) Support your critical analysis with a minimum of 15 scholarly articles.

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