criminal justice: You have been tasked to devise a program to address the needs of crime victims. To better understand what type of program to devise, you need to review some crime data. The crime data will help you to identify the various types of crimes being committed and how the various types of crime victims are impacted by their offenders. Select a source that compiles crime data. Describe why you selected that particular source and what type of data that source contains. Secondly, describe the basic goals of your proposed program and what types of services the program would provide to crime victims based on the various types of crimes. For example, what would be a program goal for a rape victim, and what type of program(s) or service(s) would be devised to address the victim�s needs (this could include gender, age, and group counseling sessions). Assignment Guidelines �Select a source that compiles crime data. �Address the following in 750�1,000 words: ?Why did you select that particular source? Explain in detail. ?What type of data does that source contain? Describe in detail. ?What are the basic goals of your proposed program? Explain in detail. ?What types of services would the program provide to crime victims with regard to the various types of crime? Explain in detail. �Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. 

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