Create a 6- to 8-page paper in APA format including a minimum of 4 to 5 references. Explain how you would lobby your legislators or local government for funds to support your issue or trend. Include the following elements in your paper: share why you chose the specific topic, the current relevance of material, how it is integrated into clinical practice, and how the information is used in clinical setting.

The treatment of patients using telecommunications technology best describes telemedicine. The new ways of health care practices show the benefits realized.  Telemedicine may involve the use of telehealth equipment such as video components in health care. The virtual health components include chatbots, apps in improving patient care. Virtual health may involve the use of videos to enhance their health condition. Telemedicine in health care aims to improve the population health and reduce costs incurred during treatment. Besides, telemedicine in health care has proved to enhance patient experience and offer patient satisfaction through treatment approaches (Butcher, 2015).  The choice of this topic is to create awareness of how telecommunications technology can be used to improve health care.  Thus, clinical healthcare from a distance is managed as there is access to medical services that are unavailable among the people.

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