The purpose of this post is two-fold:

  1. To help you sift through the nuggets of learning that you have been exploring throughout the various learning activities.
  2. To create a snapshot for you to revisit as you move through your program that culminates with your capstone and field experience courses. Just as a reminder, you will identify a problem (obesity pertaining to diabetes) or issue that is related to public health, and then design a project that can be implemented in the field experience course.

This is a discussion assignment and the answer has to have a minimum of 250 words with scholarly and peer-reviewed citations and references.

Throughout the course, you explored many aspects of the course competencies. For this discussion, reflect back on the information you discussed and learned over the past weeks. Prepare a posting that addresses these prompts:

  • The most important concepts, or skills I gained were . . .
  • The most important, interesting, or provocative insights I gained were . . .
  • I will use these concepts, skills, or insights in my current position in these ways . . .
  • This course has changed my perspective on the subject matter, and my current academic and professional goals in these ways . . .
  • I will use the information and learning from this course to help me with my Capstone project in these ways . . .
  • I still have these questions, comments, thoughts, et cetera, on the course concepts . . .

Discussion Participation Scoring Guide

1.Analyzes course concepts, theories, or materials correctly, using examples or supporting evidence.

2.Collaborates with fellow learners, relating the discussion to relevant course concepts and extending the dialogue.

3.Applies relevant professional, personal, or other real-world experiences to extend the dialogue.

4.Validates position with applicable knowledge.

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