Once again, what better way to ensure you are comprehending the material, then for YOU to ask the questions! Mitosis, a.k.a. cell division, is necessary for growth and replacement of cells. As you read this post, there are cells in your body going through mitosis. Meiosis is cell division that results in half the original chromosome number. This halving is necessary in certain organisms as it produces the sex cells (eggs or sperm) that are involved in reproduction.

As you go through the material, consider the similarities between mitosis and meiosis. If you can grasp mitosis, you will see similar ‘events’ in meiosis.

So once again, your task for this week’s discussion has 3 parts.

1. Ask a question from the assigned readings. Perhaps there is something you do not understand, or perhaps there is an area that you feel you do understand and can generate a thought provoking question. (Due 30 June)

2. Address the question of another student. (Due 30 June – 3 July)

3. Check back on your original question throughout the week. Comment on the answers received and address additional questions that may be generated. (Due 3 July)

** Always always remember to properly cite any references you may use. Do not copy/paste but use YOUR words. **

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