This week you will synthesize the insights you have gained from the Learning Resources, the articles you have analyzed from the Walden Library and Learning Clearinghouse, and feedback from your colleagues and Instructor. You will apply your insights to implement the initial design for the Service Learning Strategy Project.

To prepare

Read the Learning Resources and review all feedback you received from this week’s Discussion and from your Reflection paper in Week 6.

To submit

Compose a formal outline of the Service Learning Strategy Project Component of your Major Assessment. Organize the project into the required service learning elements. You may use the O.P.E.R.A. elements for this outline, or any outline format that best represents your project.

In addition to the project outline, provide descriptions of the following: (my service learning strategy project is attached under Discussion 7 Service Learning)

  • The local setting ( will be a school- classroom, and nursing home)
  • How you arrived at the problem and purpose
  • How students were involved in helping to determine this problem
  • How this project is connected to your curriculum (2nd grade Gwinnett County Common Core Standards- there is one for writing a friendly letter, speaking and language standards)

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