• 2)What is the level of sensitivity given by your measurement technique? Give your response in +/- number of cm. Was there a difference in sensitivity between the micrometer, caliper, and the ruler measurements? If so, how much? Which technique is capable of the highest sensitivity?
  • 3)Calculate the DENSITY of your block using your data and also for the data of each of the other groups the class. Calculate the standard uncertainty (see uncertainty formula attachment) for each result and show in a complete table. Which tool had the greatest uncertainty? Was this surprising?
  • 4)Assuming the “true value” of density is given as 8.03 g/cm3, what is the accuracy of your results? Which technique was most accurate?
  • 5)In your opinion, what is the best measurement tool for the density of the block material? How does sensitivity relate to accuracy and precision? How could you improve the precision and accuracy of this result? Describe the steps you would take. (Consider for example mean and standard deviation).

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