Complete Journaling Activity 7-1 on pg. 222. Answer all 5 questions using the assessment tools found in the chapter and document your findings to be handed in to the instructor at the end of the Community class.

1. In your clinical journal, describe a situation you observed or were told about inwhich a client or family experienced diffi culty because of lack of continuity. If youhave the opportunity, ask the client or family to identify what they think would haveavoided these diffi culties. If you were the nurse in charge, what would you have donediff erently to avoid these problems?2. In your clinical journal, relate a situation in which you observed a client who receivedeff ective continuity of care in discharge planning. What made the care eff ective?3. In your clinical journal, describe a situation you have observed in clinical settingwhere a client received eff ective case management. What made the care eff ective?4. In your clinical journal, describe a situation where you observed or initiated two ofthe following intervention strategies. Discuss what happened.Health teachingScreeningCounselingReferral and follow-upConsultationCollaborationAdvocacy5. List any barriers you have noticed that have interrupted continuity for a client youhave cared for in a clinical setting. Discuss what happened and what you would dodiff erently. Identify any system’s issues that created or did not address the barriers(e.g., chart forms such as discharge forms, admission forms, unit policies).

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