American Social History

Compare a period in American social history with a more current period (Late 20th century or 2001 to present). For example, you might compare practices from 1990–2001 with the Colonial period (late 1700s), the Revolutionary period, the pre-Civil War era, the Reconstruction, The Progressive Era, the Great Depression, periods of war and wealth, peace and complacency, the civil rights era, the War on Poverty, or the period of conservatism (1970–1990).

How were discriminated against, disadvantaged, and at-risk people identified and perceived in your chosen time periods?

What role was government expected to play and what role was the individual or family expected to play to improve conditions and outcomes for these discriminated against, disadvantaged, and at-risk people?

Use subheadings to identify the two time periods and respond to both questions for each time period. Use the Kirst-Ashman text and the NASW Web site to support your discussions. You are encouraged to use additional resources

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