Week 1


Communal and Psychological

Communal and Psychological Effects

Working thesis statement: The individuals that are impoverished suffer psychologically

well their communities

Rogers, M. L., & Pridemore, W. A. (2013). The effect of poverty and social

national homicide rates: Direct and moderating effects. Social science research,

The authors of this article state that social protection entails the governmental

insulate its people from problems concomitant to poverty. Again, the government

its people from market forces which adversely lower the quality of its people’s

researches reveal that a government policy which promotes social protection

of rates in national homicide. Their aim was therefore to examine theoretically

of social protection in relation to the strength of connotation between rates of

poverty nationally. They used least squares regression simulations on data from 30

analyses the association between homicide rates and poverty, social protection on

homicide rates and impact of social protection on association strength between

homicides rates. Their results implied that social protection negatively

homicide rates, poverty-homicide relationship positively influenced moderation

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