An ethical resolution exemplar is a narrative account of how the nurse worked through an ethical issue that was identified during the care of patients.

The exemplar should demonstrate the use of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics. The ANA’s code of ethics can be accessed at this website:

Include the following key points in your exemplar. You may consider using these topics as headings.

  • Description of the ethical dilemma
  • What impact is the issue having on you as the RN caregiver and the other staff on the unit?
  • What interventions did you implement?
  • Describe outcomes of interventions and resolution of the issue
  • What outcome would you predict if interventions are not implemented
  • What ethical principle(s) or evidence did you utilize (use the ANA’s Code of Ethics to guide your answer to these questions and be specific)
    • Consider the first six provisions which describe the fundamental values, commitments and boundaries of a nurse


Credit for Ethical Resolution Exemplar is awarded based on the following:

  • Submit one Ethical Resolution Exemplar
  • Typed (double-spaced, 12-point font)
  • Minimum of 250 words, maximum of three pages
  • May be used for one clinical activity per application

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