Overview: For this project, I would like you to explore how a career path or your personal interests relate to climate change and/or energy sustainability. You will select a topic that is interesting to you and research its connections to climate change, along with solutions.

What to cover: 1. How does your topic relate to climate change? What are the problems?

2. What are global, local, and individual solutions?

3. Conclusion that includes your opinion, reflections, analysis, or reaction to

your findings. What changes are YOU willing to make as well?

4. Include 5 or more sources with a citations page.

My topic is climate change denial please do this project base on this and here is my proposal:

My final project’s topic will be the climate change denial. After today’s lecture I wanted

to change my topic to this. I found very interesting about how the wealthy and people

who have power such as politicians, are denying the fact about climate change in front of

the public because they are benefit from the activities that is harming the planet and

causing the climate change. Human activities driven with the quest of amassing more

wealth have in return weakened the atmosphere by snowballing the concentration of these

gases thus leading to the destruction of the ozone layer. Men driven by their own lust for

wealth have destroyed the environment and this has contributed to the destruction of the

atmosphere as well, the ever increasing temperatures have been contributed to by these

activities. Therefore, I will do the either the research paper or PowerPoint about this topic.

I am still deciding about what format should I do.


1. Research paper- 4+ pages, double spaced, 12 point font OR Full powerpoint – 20+ slides- include citation on each slide with a summary citations slide at the end.

2. 3 powerpoint slides to summarize what you learned (please include a script for me about 3 minutes long speech for me to do the presentation for this 3 slides )

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