Review the Child Abuse Treatment Case Study. Complete the Child Abuse Treatment Plan Template. Explore the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families website, paying specific attention to the sections regarding child abuse. I have pasted the Case Study along with the template to the body of this message. I also attached copies of both.

Case Study: Marisa

Name: Marisa


Marisa is an 11-year-old Hispanic-American female. Marisa is in the 7th grade at a local school. She lives with her biological mother and her stepfather. Marisa has three siblings: one brother and two sisters. Marisa is the oldest child. Marisaâs biological father is inconsistently in her life, and visits with her a couple of times a year. He lives in the same city as Marisa, but doesnât seem to hold a job long enough for her mother to collect child support. Marisa is the only child from her motherâs first marriage; her siblings were born during her motherâs current marriage.

Treatment History

Marisa has been to therapy âa couple of timesâ when she was 6 years old. Marisaâs mother reports that she (mother) has always had difficulty âmanaging Marisaâs behavior.â

Current Treatment

Marisa reports that she visits her school counselor sometimes.

Current Medical


Current Disposition

Marisaâs mother has brought Marisa into your office seeking counseling for oppositional behavior. Marisaâs mother reports âMarisa is so disrespectful; she talks back, yells at me, and just wonât do what she is told.â While you are talking with Marisa and her mother they describe a recent argument. Marisa reports that her mother âslapped meâ during the argument. Marisaâs mother reports, âShe hit me; I had to do something.â As you tell Marisa and her mother that you are a mandatory reporter and start describing what that means, Marisaâs mother gets upset and leaves the office, taking Marisa with her.


Due to the intake paperwork, you have the familyâs address and demographic information.

PCN-545 Treatment Plan Template (To be completed)

Directions: Complete the treatment plan template for the case study of Marisa. An example has been provided for you. Once the table is completed, address the questions listed below the table. Your response to each question should be 100-125 words. You must cite the specific legal standards of the state in which you plan to practice when answering the questions.



Problem Statement



Length of Service

Goal Date

When was this goal created?

In the clients own words :

âI want to worry lessâ

In clinical words, what will it look like by the end of treatment? Relate back to the problem statement.

Client will reduce worry from daily to weekly

What methods of treatment and frequency will you use to achieve treatment goals?

Weekly talk therapy meetings. Weekly DBT

How long will treatment be?

Client will attend individual therapy for 8 weeks; client will attend group therapy for 13

When will this particular goal be achieved?

Client reduce worry from daily to weekly by 3/15/17

Client Name: <Enter Client name>


Problem Statement



Length of Service

Goal Date

Client Signature and Date

Counselor Signature and Date

  • 1). At what point will you report Marisa’s situation to the state? (use the state in which you plan to practice)
  • 2).If you were to report the situation, where would you report it (e.g., agency/organization)? Why?

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