Create a PowerPoint presentation which addresses the following prompts. You may use multiple slides for each question if needed. Make sure you explain each step as if you were teaching it to one of your classmates.

  • Boyle’s Law: A balloon filled with helium gas has a volume of 500 mL at a pressure of 1 atm. The balloon is released and reaches an altitude of 6.5 km, where the pressure is 0.5 atm. If the temperature has remained the same, what volume does the gas occupy at this height?
  • Charles’s law: A sample of neon gas has a volume of 752 mL at 25.0°C. What will be the volume at 100.0°C if pressure is constant?
  • Gay-Lussac’s Law: At 122°C the pressure of a sample of nitrogen gas is 1.07 atm. What will the pressure be at 205°C, assuming constant volume?

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