1. Breathalyzers are devices that measure the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream by relating to the amount of alcohol exhaled as gas from human lungs. One common version uses chemical sensors to determine the color change of an acidified solution of potassium dichromate.Write a 750 word essay in APA format that describes the chemistry behind the color change that occurs when alcohol reacts with the chemicals involved in the breathalyzer reaction. In you essay, include the following:1) Which alcohol is least toxic and commonly consumed by humans? What is its chemical formula?2) What type of ionic reaction is responsible for the color change?2) The balanced equation that describes the color change associated with a positive test for alcohol. How can the color change be used to identify the exact amount of alcohol in the bloodstream?3) What unique feature of chromium allows us to use color as an indicator for the presence of alcohol?Please include references according to the APA writing style.

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