Research Paper Proposal

Research Paper Proposal:

As you have seen, evolution has impacted virtually all areas of research in the life sciences. Your final project is your opportunity to pick an area that interests you and explore it in depth. Keep this in mind as you begin your readings.

Your research paper should be a standard college paper of 8-15 pages with an extensive, informative, and current bibliography. You must have at least FIVE non-web based sources. They may be available online, but must be a book or journal article that is not only electronically produced. You may pick a topic that is historical. For example, you might want to explore the reasons why it is primarily Darwin who is credited with the theory of natural selection rather than Darwin and Wallace. Another historical project would be to look at the reception ofThe Origin of Species.

A tremendous amount of primary source material is online, including all of Darwin’s writings. There are numerous topics concerned with human evolution, whether it is the impact of genetic sequencing on reconstructing our history or controversies around the fossil record. The history of paleoanthropology is also quite interesting. You might want to pick a particular group of organisms, for example mammals, and look at the current research on their evolution. Neurobiology, developmental biology, and the origin of life are additional areas that offer plenty of potential topics. The important point is to pick something that really interests you, and that you analyze a problem or present an analysis or an argument for a specific thesis. You should begin with a definite thesis statement. Your paper must present information that goes significantly beyond what has been covered in the course.

Submit your final project proposal below. Include your working thesis sentence, rough outline, and partial bibliography. Please use course email to discuss your project with your instructor.

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