The Hearts in Hands Shelter is a halfway house for abused women who leave their husbands or partners.  The shelter provides individual and group counseling, a job-finding service, and other programs designed to help women become independent.  Women who are staying at the shelter must help with cooking, cleaning, and childcare if they are to continue living there. 

Robin C. is the newly hired nurse practitioner at the shelter.  Nurse Robin has experience working with vulnerable populations; however this is her first experience working with abused and battered women.  Nurse Robin sees clients for acute problems in the shelter’s clinic and attends group-counseling meetings with the mental health nurse who leads the meetings.

  1. As Nurse Robin prepares to assess the clients she encounters in the clinic and in the group meetings, what guidelines should she keep in mind?
  3. What nursing conceptual framework might be beneficial as Nurse Robin organizes the data she collects during the assessments? Explain your selection of this particular framework.
  5. Describe the holistic components of the assessment: socioeconomic, physical health, biological, psychological, lifestyle, and environmental.
  7. What roles would you expect Nurse Robin to assume most frequently with this population and why?
  9.  What other resources might Nurse Robin rely on to help serve this client base?


Select a topic from Healthy People 2020 and describe how Nurse Robin’s practice in this shelter clinic may help achieve the objectives within that health topic.

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