A 60-year-old male, Mr. Jaichim experienced an ischemic stroke and was admitted to hospital. His wife found him unconscious on the bathroom floor. He has right-sided hemiparesis, unilateral neglect, homonymous hemianopia, and expressive aphasia. His weight is 100 kg and his height is 1.71m. His heart rate is 96 beats per minute, blood pressure is 142/85, temperature is 37.4°C, and respiratory rate is 18 breaths per minute. He has a history of cocaine abuse as a young adult. His medical history includes hypertension, and dyslipidemia. Specifically, his cholesterol and triglyceride levels are elevated (LDL cholesterol: 4.9mmol/L triglyceride: 5.5mmol/L). His medications include rosuvastatin 10mg daily, hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg daily, and atenolol 50 mg daily. He is able to transfer himself from the bed to the wheelchair with assistance. The patient and his wife have two sons who live approximately 2 hours away but visit once per week. He is worried about his reduced functional ability, and changes to his physical appearance.


Responses should demonstrate that the content of the case study has been applied and that connections have been made to the literature.




1. Identify and discuss key factors related to the patient’s self-efficacy that impact his self-management of unilateral neglect and homonymous hemianopia.




You will be responsible for complete a  case study assignment that will focus on examining the links between various course concepts and the client/family experiencing a chronic health challenge. The case studies will depict a real-life clinical situation that your group will need to collectively work through, providing responses to questions that reflect appraisal of knowledge and its application to nursing practice. Each response should be written in a scholarly fashion and supported by relevant course readings as well as other literature. 




The responses should no longer be a page and adhere to APA (7th ed.) format (use Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced, including title page and reference page). The page limit excludes title and reference page. 


You are to discuss one (1) aspect of the case study, using at least one (1) piece of supporting evidence from the required course readings and one peer-review scholarly journal article. See the rubric for guidelines


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