I have an idea on how to do this on paper but I need help using mathematica to write it out and have mathematica answer it rather than me doing it by hand, so I need someone experienced in mathematica.

You perform a transformation on two paths of ethane, with parameters a = 5.489 L ^2 atm/mole^2
b=0.0638, leading from the same initial state to the same final state

Path 1:{Ti = 300 K, pi = 1 atm} → {T = 300 K, p = 10 atm}

followed by{T = 300 K, p = 10 atm} → {T f = 600 K, p f = 10 at}

path 2:{Ti = 300 K, pi = 1 atm} → {T = 600 K, p = 1 atm}
followed by
{T = 600K, p = 1 atm} → {T f = 600 K, p f = 10 atm}

Calculate work and heat along both paths using Van Der Waals Equation of state

Also: What are the units for the heat capacity at constant temperature and for the latent heat of pressure change if the units in my system are in L and atm.

My Mathematica code is attached in a word document below.

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