briefly explain your reasons for submitting this application. Discuss each of the following topics:1. Your personal circumstances as related to your financial need for a scholarship2. Your academic and career goals-goal to obtain a master degree in Health Services Management graduate with a 4.0 GPA and own a nursing home3. Your current employment and its relationship to your future plans-currently employed at a local hospital4. Your leadership roles and community involvement-currently volunteer at a local senior citizen group home twice a week prepare meals for senior citzens living in senior citizen housing who can’t prepare noursihed meals for themselves.5. Elaborate on all of the items you checked under the Check any that apply section-Single Parent First to attend college and in career transition.Please limit your essay to 500 words. Please be concise in your answers. You may also include other information that you feel is pertinent to your application. Finally the style and content of your personal statement will be considered when the nominating committee reviews your application.

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