You are seeing a husband and wife for routine yearly physicals. You want to discuss health promotion activities with them, including self breast exam (SBE) and mammography for the wife and prostate self exams for the husband. The wife states she is embarrassed to admit she has never done a breast self exam or had a mammogram and didn’t think they were useful anyway. The husband tells you he read in the magazine in your waiting room that blood tests to check for prostate cancer don’t need to be done anymore.
1. Briefly describe the technique for doing a SBE.
2. Provide evidence-based information to the wife about the recommendations for SBE and mammography and your recommendations to her based on the evidence.
3. Describe changes in her breasts that should be reported to her healthcare provider.
4. Critique the use of serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) to diagnose prostate cancer.
5. Provide your evidenced-based recommendations to the husband for PSA testing.

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