there are 2 files attached. One is the assignment and the other is the data table used to complete it


1) Briefly describe a research situation that would call for a chi-square analysis. Be sure to explain each variable and the possible values of each variable.

Type your answer below:

2a) Generate a cross table of Infant_Attachment and Education.

Paste your output below:

2b) From these results, which group attachment style seems to be most related with obtaining high levels of education?

Type your answer below:

3a) Conduct a chi-square test to see if Infant_Attachment and Education are independent from one another.

Paste your output below:

3b) Write up the results of this test in APA style. Be sure to explicitly state whether or not the two variables are independent. Use the “Chi-square tests of independence” section of this website for guidance.

Type your answer below:

4a) Run the chi-square again, but this time add sex as a layer.

Paste output below (Read carefully: The best way to do this is to select “Copy Special” when copying from the SPSS output. Then select image as a format to copy. When pasting in Word, select Paste Special, choose a picture format, and then resize the image so it fits the screen):

4b) Based on these results, does the relationship between Infant_Attachment and Education hold for both males and females? How do you know?

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