What do you know about personality? Have you ever thought about how other’s might see you differently than you see yourself? Why do you think that is? As you read and learn more about personality you will see why being unique is not very hard to do!

Week 6 CheckPoint 2 consists of completing the personality test located at the following link:


After completing the test you should complete an essay which should consist of:

  • a minimum of 350 words
  • in- text citations and a reference page(the reference page should include the above link in the reference; as you should be referencing the test in your response)
  • your essay should consist of two parts:
  1. a discussion of the different personality assessments and their theories (you can find this in the textbook)
  2. a discussion about the above test. This should include whether the test would be identified as either an objective or projective test as well as your opinion on accuracy of this test and your personality.


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