Based upon your reading last week regarding Levinson’s Stages along with your readings this week, identify the process you went through as you entered the workforce for the first time. At what age did that happen? Where did you live and with whom did you live at the time (e.g., parents, spouse, platonic roommate)? What was the biggest challenge you faced in your first full-time job? If you have not held a full-time job as of yet, identify what you expect the challenges will be when you do enter the workforce.

When I was 20 years old I got my first job as a teacher. I lived with my parents. It was really hard and challenging…I used to teach third grade and also got a substitute job as ASL teacher at the High School. The kids were handicapped. It was so hard, because I was afraid something bad will happen. There were kids on a wheelchair, as well, as those having seizure…

Daniel Levinson – Stages of the Seasons of a Man’s Life (n.d.). In The University of Toledo. Retrieved January 8, 2018, from

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