You just received notice of an issue in the surgical Unit of your facility. A 45 year old man was admitted through the ED for a myocardial infarction (heart attack) and evaluated by the cardiologist. The cardiologist told the patient that he needed an immediate balloon angioplasty. After a proper informed consent process the patient agreed to the procedure. One hour later the wife showed up angry and threatened to sue if they touch her husband. She read recently or saw on TV that this is not always a necessary procedure. The cardiologist performs the procedure anyway and the patent dies of complications. The wife sues the facility for battery. In reviewing the record you find that the patient received the informed consent form but there was no nursing staff witness signature.

DQ2: Research the concept of informed consent for your State. Note your State and several key concepts related to informed consent. Then based on your State’s laws describe who must have informed consent regarding the above scenario. Finally, describe any ethical issues you note from the scenario based on your State research. Be specific.

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