Week 4 Discussions – Culturally Competent Leadership

As it has been discussed throughout the Rose textbook and online resources, the only way an organization truly becomes culturally proficient is from support from the leadership of the organization. For this week’s discussion, imagine you have recently been promoted as director of a public health or health care organization and a top item on your agenda is leading a culturally competent organization. Reflect and then respond to the following two questions as found on page 173 of the Rose textbook:

“As a health professional what changes in cultural attitudes, behaviors, and values are necessary on my behalf?
How prepared am I and the organization I serve to effectively respond to cultural practices/nuances of patients/clients/customers?”


Week 4 Written Assignment – CLAS

Identify two healthcare organizations in your area and research (via organizational websites or by contacting staff at these organizations) and determine:

The challenges these organizations face in meeting cultural and linguistic standards (CLAS), and
The steps they have taken to become a more culturally competent organization.
Provide a summary by comparing and contrasting the two organizations on the above two items as well as identify where you think each organization is on the Cultural Competence Continuum. In addition, you should include your response to the following:

From your research, detail what you think the challenges and benefits of CLAS implementation of healthcare organizations and if you believe that CLAS standards ensure the objective of improving culturally competent healthcare.

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