Please discuss one of the following based on the course material(s). 


1. If you’re interested in art: Coalitions of artists are accusing generative AI of stealing their intellectual property to copy their style and pump out prompt-generated images on command.


2. ChatGPT is everybody’s darling lately, and it looks like Microsoft hitched their train to the right engine this time. People are actually interested in using Bing!? And Google and Amazon have both announced efforts to catch up in the Large Language Model arms-race of early 2023. So what does the near future of AI development look like, do you think? (And please don’t use ChatGPT to generate your post, by the way. It writes boring, nonspecific stuff.)


3. You might enjoy watching AlphaGo: The Movie on YouTube, which is about how an algorithm defeated one of the human masters of the ancient game of Go back in 2016. Around 0:40:00 into the film there’s an interesting discussion on AI creativity, where AlphaGo made the famous and mystifying “Move 37” that shocked programmer, player, and spectator alike.

AI is a rapidly moving space these days! So much to keep up with.


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