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Article Review on Alzheimer’s

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This article details Alzheimer’s and  how it is tied to the genetic makeup of an individual. When certain brain tissues shrink when neurons in the brain  basically lose their connectivity. Risk increases if someone has a high fat diet which can cause deterioration in the heart.  So besides having a probability of inheriting the gene , a poor diet with a lack of exercise can cause for the probability of getting Alzheimer’s. An individual has to be aware of  not only the health of their diet but the genetic tendencies that exist in their family health history.

Aspects of Alzheimer’s: Basically an individual can lose their thought process and memory. Thought process, memory and language skills are affected and starts to hit an individual usually past the age of sixty . This can cause confusion and an individual that prolongs getting treatment may not be aware of this condition hoping their memory gets better when in fact this disease gets progressively worse with time.Glossary of Terms:

Lewy body dementia: a disease caused by the development of tiny structures called lewy bodies in brain cells.

Vascular dementia: Most commonly develops after blood vessels become blocked and damaged, leading to strokes or bleeding in the brain.

Frontotemporal dementia: which develops from nerve cell damage in the front and side regions of the brain (frontal and temporal lobes)

Relevance to Human Health issues:

This article is extremely relevant for individuals need to understand the health consequences that can occur if they do not make an effort to stay healthy and to find out more about their genetic history of diseases.  Ignoring a problem that has occurred in your genetic history without making lifelong health decisions can negatively effect individuals.

Next steps in this research:There are many ideas and experiments that are occurring to treat this disease to help stop its progression. There are key bio tech firms like Biogen that are making a tremendous effort to come up with a medication that slows the progression of Alzheimer’s if it can not be currently cured.

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