• Are CDHPs more geared toward the healthier and younger population?
• Are they effective for patients with chronic illnesses?
• Will they discourage the use of preventative care and cause increased healthcare costs in the future?
After examining the above questions in your analysis, work around the following instructions and create a 8- to 10-page Microsft Word document:
• Summarize the history of when, how, and why CDHPs were developed.
• Explain HSA, HRA, and FSA with examples.
• Examine different segments of the population. Describe which socioeconomic group is likely to benefit the most from CDHPs.
• Explain the types of incentives to providers for efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services. Explain who bears the financial risk—the provider, the patient, or the CDHP.
• Offer your recommendations for patients considering a CDHP, including which types are appropriate for which patients. Include your recommendations for each, to accept or decline, and also include your rationale behind such recommendations.

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