Selected Service:
Helping Hands is a new no-cost volunteer service which provides in home care for stroke victims, providing relief to caregivers a few hours a week. Helping Hands volunteers are entirely encompassed of final-year University of Phoenix nursing students under the supervision of a registered nurse. Helping Hands allows final-year nursing students to fulfill their internship requirement while also helping those in need. No financial gain is acquired but instead the nursing students gain experience and are able to help others. Duties include bathing, feeding, and general care to allow the caregiver an opportunity for a break. One channel of distribution is a website created and maintained through University of Phoenix to assist other students in their programs. Helping Hands is located anywhere in the country there is a UOP Nursing School. Facilities are the classrooms. Transportation is on a volunteer basis and volunteers use their own vehicles. Marketing will be a website as well as flyers posted at local hospitals, partnerships and networks between local hospitals and doctors.

Analyze the impact of channel management decisions on the marketing of Helping Hands. Select appropriate distribution channels for Helping Hands and address costs in terms of placement, shipping, and middlemen.
Include APA formatted reference.

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