Analyze the following scenario related to delegation according to your own state’s Nurse Practice Act and compare it to one other state’s Nurse Practice Act. Use citations from the professional nursing literature and your state’s Nurse Practice Act, or scope of practice documents as resources. Include your state’s definition of delegation in your introductory paragraph and the comparison’s state’s definition in the body of the paper.


A registered nurse is very busy on a medical/surgical unit and has two intravenous (IV) catheters that need to be removed so that the patients can be discharged. There are no other RNs available to help. The nurse asks a nursing assistant who is a senior in nursing school to discontinue the IV catheters. The nursing assistant has discontinued IVs as a student and the nurse is aware of this. The nursing assistant discontinues the IVs and the patients are discharged home.

According to your state’s definition of delegation, was the nurse able to delegate this task to the nursing assistant? Why or why not? Compare and contrast this scenario with another delegation scenario from your nursing practice.

Submission Requirements

Remember to use APA 6th edition to format your paper and include at least two citations from peer-reviewed professional nursing literature in addition to other resources.

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