Using one of the articles that you read for this class (it can be one posted in the class or one that you found) as a starting point, reflect on changes that you have or are currently experiencing. How can what you have learned in this class help you to develop your career and to navigate in this ever changing health care landscape? Remember, this is a reflection posting, there is not right or wrong answer. The goal is for you to look back at where you were when you began this class and where you are now – to reflect on the changes and growth that have occurred. Here are the course objectives to refresh your memory of what you have learned.

1. Analyze key leadership theories and concepts for relevance to healthcare organizations and nursing management.
2. Explore trends and issues relating to finance, human resources, performance improvement, and technology in various healthcare settings.
3. Examine the impact of organizational culture on individuals and groups within an institution.
4. Relate local, state, and national accrediting agency standards and outcome measures to the processes in selected healthcare environments

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