1- Review below Resources with a focus on Stroop tests.

2- Research at least two additional scholarly research papers pertaining to Stroop tests and more specifically the emotional Stroop test.

3- Analyse attached Stroop test data by conducting a simple paired-samples t-test and a correlation between the emotional and neutral conditions.

4- Critically evaluate your reviewed articles based on the effectiveness of the Stroop tests’ applications and resultant findings. Justify your reasoning.

5- Fully state and justify any choices or assumptions that you make using the suggested resources for this unit as well as your own research. Include references to any sources you have used. All sources should be cited using APA Referencing Style.


1- Coolican, H. (2014). Research methods and statistics in psychology (5th ed.). Abingdon: Routledge.

◾Chapter 3, ‘Experiments and Experimental Design in Psychology’ (pp. 63–89)

◾Chapter 16, ‘Significance Testing – Was It a Real Effect?’ (pp. 407–437)

◾Chapter 17, ‘Testing for differences between two samples’ (pp. 438–486)

◾Chapter 19, ‘Correlation and regression’ (pp. 520–569)

◾Chapter 24, ‘Planning your practical and writing up your report’ (pp. 654–698)

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