Q. After this session, every student is required to prepare a lab report for the experiment we conducted on finding the value of acceleration due to gravity. I don’t necessarily need the number of words or number of pages, but I want to see how well you can analyze the technicality of the experiment. In addition, you should strictly follow the guides of Physics Lab 151

1. Come up with a brief abstract, let me know what the work entails

2. did the value of g change, explain diagrammatically, be brief, I don’t want much wordiness.

3. Explain other finding on the experiment

4. I need to see clear calculations of the findings of the experiment, stick to quality and preciseness.

This work carries 50% of the total grading of this semester, so adhere to the requirements. Submit before 113th Dec. 2016 failure to which it will not be acceptable!

please let me know if you can tackle the above .I have a series of assignment..if you do it perfect I will assign you the others..

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