The vessel that allows passage of fat-soluble components from the gut to the heart is?

Absorbed water-soluble digestion products pass along from the gut via which vessel?

The absorption of practically all nutrients occurs in which segment of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract (gut)?

Using the Atwater equivalents calculate the number of kcal in a meal of 100 g of carbohydrate, 50 g of ft and 25 g of protein?

The food intake center of the brain is located where?

A major difference between plant and animal foods is that animal foods are high in what?

The energy RDAs for adult young men and women are approximately?

Most of the energy derived from food is from?

Nutrients found in foods include all—— except——–?

Which hormone governs the set level of cellular energy metabolism?

Over the last three decades of the 20th century a major trend in calorie intake was?

Underweight is classified as having a BMI of?

Undernutrition commonly found in the poor nations of the world is characterized by?

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