NRS71003: Health Assessment
Week 10 – Case study guidelines
Week 10: Case Study
Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the case study, the student will have:
1. Identified 3 key issues in relation to the presenting problem
2. Demonstrated the ability to prioritise presenting patient issues
3. Demonstrated a novice understanding of Aseptic non-Touch technique (ANTT) in relation to their case study
4. Outlined the care for the patient identified in the case study
You are asked to review the following case study about Bob who has presented with:
Post fall resulting in fractured right (R) patella. He is unable to weight bear on his R leg due to knee pain.
He has also caused damage to an existing ulcer on his left leg.
You are required to write a report that:
• Identifies three key issues, placed in order of priority and rationale why you have chosen the 3 issues and the priority order
• Demonstrates an understanding of Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT) in relation to the wound care of Bob’s venous ulcer
• Outlines an approach to Bob’s care with particular focus on:
Patient Details:
Name: Bob Brown Age: 63
Gender: Male Height: 170 cm
Weight: 125kg
Type II Diabetes Mellitus
• Poorly controlled HbA1c has been 10-12 for past year
Elevated Cholesterol
Venous ulcer left lower leg requiring regular wound care
Family History:
Father died at 65 from Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)
Mother lives next door and requires assistance with Activities of daily Living (ADL’s)
Antihypertensive (combination drug)
• perindopril arginine 5mg, indapamide 1.25mg: 1 tablet once daily
• Atorvastatin: 80 mg once daily
Hypoglycaemic agents
• Metformin: 500mg BD
• Lantus 100units/ml: 60 units once daily

Sedentary lifestyle
Works long hours in Information technology (IT)
Divorced no children
Recently quit smoking
Has up to a dozen beers at the pub on weekends while watching

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