A correlation of combat deployments on subsequent domestic violence of couples of military veterans
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This is a Ph D level paper

Answers to these three questions( based on this topic: a correlation analysis of combat status and deployments on subsequent domestic violence within heterosexual couples of military veterans)
QUESTION_1: A thorough literature review is the foundation on which all research studies are built. In the area of your research interest select at least twelve published research studies from professional journals. For each study briefly (1/2 page) summarize the study, its methods and the conclusions of the study. Then provide a critical analysis of the research methods employed in that study. What are the methodological strengths and limitations of the work? How do those weaknesses potentially limit the validity of the findings and conclusions? In this analysis you should consider topics such as the appropriateness and rigor of the research design, quality of research questions, possible sampling errors, sample size, quality of research instruments, the methods of analysis and any other issues related to the quality of research. Synthesize your analysis with some brief recommendations (2 pages) on how future research in this area could be improved.

QUESTION_2: One of the criteria for scientific merit of psychological research at Capella is that a research study make a contribution to psychological theory. This could be done in many ways, for example, by creating new evidence to support an existing theory, by extending an existing theory into a new area, by providing data that could help decide which of two opposing theories is more correct, or even by creating a new theory. Identify a research topic that you would like to study for your dissertation. Review at least 15 articles related to your topic and discuss the various psychological theories mentioned in these articles. Analyze and synthesize this information to describe a way that your future research could make a theoretical contribution in the field of psychology.

QUESTION_3: Describe a possible future work setting in the field of psychology for yourself after graduation. Choose a work project that you might have to design in your future work setting (for example the design of a therapy group for veterans with PTSD, the design of a communication training program for an organizational client, the design of a career decision making course for college students, the design of a curriculum for children in a residential treatment center, the design for a marriage enrichment program, etc, etc, etc.) Describe a design you would propose for your chosen topic and defend the details of your proposal with ample references to theoretical and empirical research articles in the psychology literature. In this paper, be sure to include a minimum of at least 15 references from the professional literature.

Additional Instructions

Written responses should be formatted in APA 6 style and continuously paginated with a single reference listing.

Each comprehensive examination question should be clearly labeled and start a new page, with the written response to each question starting on top of the following page.

The total length of the written response document must not exceed 50 typed and double-spaced pages (not counting the title page, question pages, and the references). Each page must have one inch margins all around and the document must use Times New Roman 12-point font.

Allocate the 50 pages among the three questions in whatever way you wish, being mindful of the requirement of fully addressing each question. Response pages submitted in excess of the 50-page limit will not be assessed by the readers; only the first 50 pages will be evaluated.
Make sure to check it to turnintin
Reference List
Follow the description and examples given in the APA 6th ed. Publication Manual.
Each question should have 15 references.

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