This week we will be exploring the field of professional psychology. Professional psychology refers to the practice of psychological principles in various careers. Typically, the professional psychology fields include the helping professions (clinical, counseling, marriage and family, child and adolescent, and gerontological therapy); it also includes forensic psychology, school psychology, cognitive/neuropsychology, and industrial/organizational psychology. The cases you will read this week cover various aspects of the professional practice of psychology. As you read through the cases, think about the principles and what you would do if you were the psychologist working with the case. Choose one case to analyze and discussion in this week’s discussion board.
You’ll chose an article from one of the professional psychology fields to analyze. Again, make sure it’s an empirical article where the researchers “do something” to the participants.

Using the UMUC Library electronic databases, find an article from a recent issue of a peer-reviewed journal related to professional aspects of psychology. The article should describe specifically an experimental manipulation by the researchers. Prepare a 2–4 page summary of the article in your own words including specifics regarding the overall purpose of the research in question, a clear statement of the researcher’s hypothesis, details regarding the study methodology, and pertinent results of the manipulation. Also include your personal opinion of the work. Should it be repeated/ how can it be improved? What was your overall impression of the work? What are the implications of the study for the practice of counseling psychology?

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