1. Use the diagram to answer each question.

THIS IS THE IMAGE ——-> https://media.education2020.com/evresources/650-07-01-01-00_files/i0240000.jpg

How is eggshell thickness related to the survival of bird species A and B

2. What is habitat destruction? (In your own words) 
3. Classify these examples of symbiosis by type and explain your choice: 1) Inside a human’s intestine live bacteria that make vitamin K; 2) A human picks up bacteria on his or her hands. The bacteria do not cause disease but do feed on the human’s dead skin cells; 3) A tick attaches itself to a human and feeds on the human’s blood.

4. What is symbiosis? (in own words)

5. Many plants produce brightly colored flowers with sweet nectar to attract pollinators such as bees who will spread their pollen from plant to plant.  Explain what type of symbiotic relationship this is and how the flowers and bees are affected.

6. A species that influences the survival of many other species in an ecosystem is called a _________________________ (keystone species/biome).

7. Use the diagram to answer each question.

This is the image ——> https://media.education2020.com/evresources/650-07-01-03-00_files/i0190000.jpg

How have these owls adapted to their nearly treeless environment?


How does a whale-fall community affect ocean sediment?

Mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism are all examples of:









Please select the best answer from the choices provided

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