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As a student and as a worker you have probably participated in team or group projects.  What do you think are the pitfalls to team work and how can they be overcome?  What are some of the aspects of your project that you would want to assign to interdisciplinary members and why? How difficult do you think it will be to recruit team members? What ideas from literature have you found to help you recruit team members? 

What ideas from literature have you found that can help you lead your team to accomplish your project? A quality improvement project article or another article you found that can help you develop an evidence-based intervention for the proposal? 

Finally, in 500 words or less explain how you have excelled as a nursing leader and/or acted as a change agent in the area you demonstrated leadership currently or in the past ( school of nursing, college, university, work, community), and/or acted as an advocate for others, and/or built a collaborative team, and/or helped mentor others.  






For example, The purpose of the  evidence-based quality improvement project is to decrease the incidence of pressure injuries from 3 to 0 within one quarter as reported on the unit.    The project goals could be:    Goal 1: Educate the unit staff (nurses ) on using the best evidence skin assessment tool with prevention and treatment measures to decrease pressure injuries by ? date (first month of the quarter). The tool being used is found in (citation) with .85 alpha reliability reported in a similar patient population and unit. The tool is used to provide skin assessment for risks and presence of skin pressure injuries. I plan to add available approved recommended prevention and treatment strategies based upon the systematic review of randomized controlled trials (citation).    Goal 2: Perform weekly electronic chart audits to determine correct documentation of the skin assessment tool and appropriate usage of prevention measures to determine need for further education of staff after educational presentation.    Goal 3: Track monthly the number of pressure injuries on the unit after launching the quality improvement project and report to staff and management. Will make decisions to continue, revise, or find other evidence-based protocols based upon meeting the over-all purpose of the project.    Determine who needs to be on your interdisciplinary team to make the project happen: Actual persons without names from your facility. Describe the roles of each.    Then you need to make a protocol- step by step of what steps need to be done to carry out the project. During your literature search, you found best evidence articles, and you may have even read a toolkit for ideas. For example, here is a toolkit  from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) for reducing pressure injuries.


The protocol you will write is concise and easy-to-follow. Or, maybe you found an article on the topic of your quality improvement project, preventing pressure injuries and it described a protocol you could adopt when you read the heading, “Approach” in the article: Topic preventing pressure injuries (Pitman,, 2021)


This way anyone reading the paper can figure out how to carry out your project. From your goals-  able to be measured, and from the evidence you thread into your paper- anyone can read the why do your project. This type of proposal will make administration take notice and see you are ready to start your project.

John Hopkins has a worksheet that helps to write the project plan






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