Share the  PIO for your project. Remember back to NRP 472 how to write a PIO/PICO

Summarize how you decided to come up with the idea for the quality improvement project? How are you feeling about your readiness to take on this project? What do you think will help you as you move forward? (Here you can reference literature about your topic, or literature available about your quality improvement project that has been published). Please share what search terms you plan to use to find relevant evidence-based literature with your clinical instructor, so the instructor may help you fine tune it.


i.e. In nursing home residents (P), what is the the effect of pressure ulcer prevention (I) on decreasing the number of pressure ulcers (O) (Polit & Beck, 2020)?

General Search: (“nursing home” OR “ long term care”  OR “extended care facility” AND (”bedsore” OR  “bedsores” OR “pressure ulcers” OR “pressure ulcer” “pressure injury” OR “pressure injuries”)

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