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The information from this interview will be summarized in a written paper and turned in as an assignment.

After you have selected an agency to work with for your project, it is important to interview a key leadership person who is involved in some way with assuring quality and safety of patient care.  Remember that “patient” can refer to an individual who is the recipient of care health care or community system.  The “patient” can  be an individual, family or community itself.

One aspect of grading for this assignment is identification of this leader’s style, and comparison with your own style of leadership. You may have sources for characteristics of different leadership styles from previous coursework, and if so, please use them. If you do not have a source, then Stantou, et al. (2017) describes the various leadership styles and their characteristics at the beginning of the article.  


In preparation for the interview, think about the questions that you will ask.  Have them written down so that you are prepared. Here are suggestions: Introduce yourself as a leadership student who has the assignment of developing the first steps of a project plan that is concerned with making an improvement is some aspect of patient care.


You may want to start with asking that person to describe his or her responsibilities within the agency.

Ask the person how he or she would describe his or her responsibilities as a leader.

How long has this person been in his or her position?

What are some areas of concern regarding quality of care or patient safety?  If the leadership person does not want to divulge the specifics of this information, ask about any concerns in general.

Is the person willing to brainstorm some project ideas with you by perhaps naming 3-5 topics that might be relevant to a problem in general?

Reassure that person that this is a plan that is concerned with the development stage. (Implementation is not a requirement due to the short duration of this course.)

Does the leadership person have responsibility for maintaining a high quality and safe patient centered environment?

What indicators are used to measure quality and or safety?

What are some areas of concern for this person regarding quality and or safety?

Is there data available which might give insight as to the areas of concern?  

Would that person be willing to share that information either formally or informally with you for your project purposes?

One of the assignments that you will be involved with while developing your project is a “gap analysis.” Is there any information available that might help you with this assignment?  (See below for a definition of a gap analysis.)  If not you will plan for how you would conduct one using an already defined standard or benchmark.)

Ask about the use of interprofessional teams in that unit or agency.  Are they used?

If so who makes up that team?  Are they from within the agency or outside of it?

What other questions do you want to ask?


Gap Analysis:

Gap analysis was described by Lamb, et al, 2020 when they performed a quality improvement project to address an increase in falls in their unit as a way to “… understand the current state of practice for fall reduction and injury prevention compared with best practicesoutlined in the literature and current organizational policies and procedures” (page 4).




In Module 2 interview summaries will be submitted as assignment.  Here, in a less formal way, what were your impressions from interviewing a leader in your facility?  Did you agree with her/him about priorities for your project?  Was your discussion of “gap analysis” productive?  How are you feeling about starting out to work on your project?

(This is your reflection, so need to worry about scholarly sources or references with the journal entry rubric- you will receive points automatically for this entry in this category).


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