Nurses practice in many areas out in the community. Schools and industries are a prime location in which to find nurses doing health education and screening,  providing primary care for prevention of illness, and responding to emergencies.

Mental health is a huge concern in the community today. For many reasons, including financial, space restrictions, and even legislation, the population who has mental illness is many times left to try to find their own resources, or simply live without help.


1. Review your own community and make an inventory of the mental health services available in your neighborhood. This can include inpatient, outpatient, clinics, therapy, activities, or any other resource. 

2. Discuss the gap between services that are needed and services that are available (I am making an educated assumption that there is such a gap.)

Consider all ages and functional levels.

3. Propose at least one more resource that would help provide services for clients with mental health issues in your community. Detail how you would go about contacting the appropriate people, and making your case.

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