Module 1 Discussion Question:

1. What are your thoughts on the current state of our health care system? 

2. What are the limitations of the health care system in the United States?

3. Do any benefits exist in the current health care system in the United States?

4. Can or should anything be done to improve the health care system? Explain



Grading Rubric

Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.


RESOURCE BOOK:   ISBN 9781975111694  Community and Public Health Nursing : Evidence for Practice with Access 3rd








The Partnership Model of Care Delivery


The Partnership model is a model of care delivery that is founded on the belief that to deliver effective high quality care a series of partnerships need to be in place.  Those partnerships ensure maximal health care team collaboration and patient and family involvement. 


CNLSM/Nurse – Patient

The patient is the recipient of care and in many instances is responsible to provide self-care after hospitalization.  Mutually setting goals with the nurse and being an active participant in care improves the patients’ ability to learn about the illness and its treatment.  It is postulated that an informed consumer will be more accurate in self-care and more compliant with a treatment regimen.  Working in a partnership provides a sense of dignity and respect for one’s preferences as well as a sense of self-determination during the illness process.


CNL/Nurse – Physician

The patient’s physician is responsible to diagnose, and treat the patient’s medical condition to the best of his/her ability.  The MD conducts an investigation into the patient’s illness by performing a history and physical examination, ordering and assessing multiple diagnostic tests, and assessing the data and observations provided by the nurse.  The nurse is responsible to provide a full nursing assessment of the patient and develop a plan of care based on the findings of that assessment, the physician’s treatment plan and the patient’s goals for care.  To most effectively provide care, the nurse needs to communicate on a daily basis with the physician discussing patient observations and progress.  Together they determine appropriate actions and changes in the treatment plan to achieve optimal patient outcomes.


Nurse – Clinical Nurse Leader

To deliver exceptional patient care with high quality outcomes, the nurse’s focus should be attuned to the patient needs.  A high degree of monitoring and surveillance to respond quickly to changes in condition is essential with today’s acute patient population.  A relationship based practice is essential to develop trust and confidence and improve the patient and families’ understanding of the illness and recovery process.  The role of Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) is to support the nurse and to act as a facilitator of knowledge based care and integration of the care delivery system.  The CNL also acts as a mentor and coach to the nurse as well as a role model and experienced clinician for more complex cases.  The partnership of the CNL and RN strengthen the care provided to the patient and support continuity of highly effective care.

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