1. In a short introduction, identify a vulnerable population where you currently practice as a nurse. 
  3. Describe the setting of your healthcare facility and place of practice. Explain a problem the population has that needs to be addressed using best evidence. 
  5. Share the final PICO/PIO question that addresses a vulnerable population where you practice as a nurse and addresses a problem that the population experiences (Use information from Module 2:  Johns Hopkins Appendix B: Question Development Tool to help write the final PICO/PIO). You do not need to include the Johns Hopkins Tool in the paper.
  7. Literature Review: Include in a short introduction the search terms and databases used to find the 3 most relevant peer-reviewed evidence-based articles (Use information from Module 2: Johns Hopkins Search Log). The tool does not need to be included in the paper.
  9. Using the skills of critiquing and summarizing of the 3 articles, include your Appendix G: Individual Evidence Summary Tool under the Literature Review.
  11. Ethical and Caring Considerations: Include under this heading those ethical and caring considerations that need to be followed to protect the vulnerable population when carrying out the evidence-based intervention? Use your textbook or other references to support statements regarding both ethical and caring considerations.
  13. Integration of Evidence Into Practice: (Use information from Module 7: Appendix H: Evidence Synthesis and Recommendations Tool). 
  14. Write a summary on the strength of the evidence you found. What recommendations could be made to current practice to help address the PICO/PIO?
  15. Provide a short conclusion for the paper.
  16. Include the references in APA format.
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