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Find a systematic review related to the PICO/PIO question you formulated in Module 2 or one that interests you as it relates to your area of current practice. Then, answer each of the following questions. Support your answers with information from the article and your textbook. 

**For this week’s peer responses: Read 2 other posts from your classmates and make a statement as to whether their answers to the questions give you sufficient information to determine if the systematic review supports their PICO/PIO or area of practice and could be used- why or why not?

Include the PICO/PIO statement or a brief description of where you currently practice.

Include the references for the systematic review and your textbook.

Question 1: The Problem

  Did the report state the research problem and/or research questions? Is the scope of the project appropriate? Was the approach to integration described, and was the approach appropriate?

Question 2: Search Strategy

 Did the report describe criteria for selecting primary studies?

  Were the bibliographic databases used by the reviewers identified, and are they appropriate and comprehensive? Were key words identified?

Question 3: The Sample

  Did the search strategy yield a good sample of studies?

  If a primary study report was lacking key information, did reviewers attempt to contact the original researchers for additional information?

Question 4: Quality Appraisal

  Did the reviewers appraise the quality of the primary studies? Did they use a well-defined set of criteria or a validated quality appraisal scale?

  Did two or more people do the appraisals, and was interrater reliability reported?

Question 5: Data Extraction

  Was adequate information extracted about the study design, sample characteristics, and study findings?

  Were steps taken to enhance the integrity of the data set (e.g., Were two or more people used to extract and record information for analysis)?

Question 6: Data Analysis—General

  Did the reviewers explain their method of pooling and integrating the data?

  Were tables, figures, and text used effectively to summarize findings?

Question 7: Conclusions

  Did the reviewers draw reasonable conclusions about their results and about the quality of evidence relating to the research question?

  Were limitations of the review/synthesis noted?

  Were implications for nursing and health care practice and further research clearly stated?

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