The purpose of critical appraisal in the context of qualitative research is to assess whether the study actually addressed questions under meaning, process, and the context in relation to the intervention and outcomes under review.

Qualitative health research provides important evidence for healthcare practice and is the most suitable approach for exploring healthcare perspectives and experiences. 

Please read the following qualitative research study: The Lived Experience of First-Year Nurses at Work. After careful review, use the article to complete the attached worksheet. Please submit it by the due date. The grading rubric is attached to this assignment. 



Article Summary Information

Article title (1 point)Authors (1 point)Population, size, and setting (2 points)Publication date (1 point)



This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEvidence Level

Used Decision Tree to correctly identify the Level of Evidence



Quality Rating

Used Decision Tree to assign a quality rating (4 points)Student supports rating with detailed rationale (6 points)



This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAppraisal of Evidence

Completed all questions when appraising nursing study:1. Introduction (5 points)2. Review of the Literature (5 points)3. Methods (7 points)4. Results (5 points)5. Discussion (8 points)

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