I don’t own an iPad so was hoping I can get the help with this project.

Step 1.

Download the following applications to an iPad. If you do not have an iPad please see the Q&A section below. All apps are free to the certain point (enough for you to complete the work).

The applications are:
– Cardio app – cardio-heart rate monitor from cardio,inc (developer name).
– Fit Brains trainer, from Rosetta Stone Canada Inc.
– What’s up? from Jackson Tempra
– Breast Cancer: beyond the shock from national breast cancer foundation
– diabetes in check: coach blood glucose & carb tracker from everyday health.inc.

Step 2.

Explore the application. Then address these five questions.

1. The name of the app explored.
2. What does the app do?
3. Explain how you interact with the app such as you play their game on the app, check your blood pressure etc…
4. What do you think about the app? Rate it 1-5 (1 bad, 5 best app ever). Explain your rating by discussing the pros and cons.
5. How can the app be improved? Think as if you are the developer or want to create one similar to it.

Prepare a report including the following information:

Rankings and ratings for all of the apps must be substantiated — provide well-thought out explanations for your rating order. Include pros and cons of each application. Address how your group’s final ranking compared to your individual rankings (when you explored each application on your own).

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